Why Choose PWM

You have many choices when it comes to choosing a partner for succession, but not all wealth management firms are created equal. At Patenaude Wealth Management we pride ourselves on the deep and rewarding relationships we have cultivated with our clients over the years. These strong relationships are integral to providing exceptional service and reaching the financial goals our clients set out to achieve. Our client friendships are the heart and soul of our business.

Our philosophy is that timeless values like trust, honesty, integrity, dependability, and always doing the right thing for the right reasons, are non-negotiable. These core values serve as the basis by which we make any and all decisions.

A Sincere Approach to Transition

We understand your clients may be uneasy with change, but we believe a successful transition can take place using our caring and sincere approach. We know that to earn your clients’ trust, we must provide the same level of service and dedication that you have provided for them. We are happy to provide referrals from financial advisors who have been through the transition process with us.

Find out how Patenaude Wealth Management can make your transition smooth and seamless: