The Buy/Sell Process

There are four main steps to the buy/sell process. The thread that we feel keeps the process moving in a positive manner is communication. We use this process as a way to get to know you and your clientele more intimately so when it comes time to make the financial transition it is smooth and seamless – especially in the eyes of the transitioning clients.

Step 1: Valuation

If you are considering transitioning your firm, you probably have started the valuation process or at least have an idea of what you think your practice is worth. If you need help, we can submit your business specifics to a third party for an independent, objective opinion of value on your behalf.

Step 2: Determining a Fit

Once you have completed the valuation process, or as it is underway, we invite you to meet with us to determine if our practices will ultimately complement each other. We will discuss investment style and philosophy, areas of specialization and most importantly, your clients. As they are your most valued asset, we want to be sure they will integrate well into our practice.

Step 3: Due Diligence

If there seems to be a good fit on the surface, we will begin a more in-depth look into each other’s practices. We will evaluate all aspects of the businesses, including financials, compliance history, licenses, processes and procedures.

Step 4: Signing the Deal

At this point, we’ve been through a lot together. We will celebrate our combined success and your new found freedom!

Find out how Patenaude Wealth Management can make your transition smooth and seamless: