Keys to A Successful Transition

In our experience, the most important aspects of a successful transition are making sure buyer and seller have similar investment philosophies and similar client profiles. Here is a quick snapshot of our firm and our core values which will help to determine if there is a potential match between your firm and Patenaude Wealth Management.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe in a secure, long-term investment approach that focuses on wealth accumulation and preservation. We only recommend investments that we ourselves are willing to own. We provide objective, honest advice tailored to each individual client’s financial goals.

Our Client Profile

We tend to work with hard-working, successful individuals and families who are disciplined and responsible in their savings. Our clientele can generally fit into one of these groups:

  • Small business owners or medical professionals looking to invest their hard-earned wealth and/or potentially reduce their tax burden.
  • Retired individuals or couples that are seeking regular, predictable monthly income and are concerned with preserving their life savings and how best to transition it to the people they love.
  • Widows and divorces seeking honest, trustworthy advice in managing their financial affairs, preserving their assets, and generating monthly income.
  • Baby Boomers, and those ready to transition from working to retirement, who are looking to enjoy their new found freedom while their hard-earned assets are being cared for.

Find out how Patenaude Wealth Management can make your transition smooth and seamless: